92-Day Blog Challenge Day 1

Friday, October 1

Here we go! For the next 92 days I will go ALL IN on your goals and dreams. This is a form of self-hypnosis. I have mentally prepared myself to operate at a higher level of focus and discipline. I have decided the next 92 days will be GREAT!
Part of my 92-day challenge in addition to blogging daily is to start the day off with a cold shower, walk 5,000+ steps, do 25 prospecting touches and not watch any sports or go to www.espn.com. I also took my stock app off my phone. I am going to take a break from me investing time trading stocks. I told my wife she can oversee my stock accounts for now if she wants. (She is a better trader than I am anyway)
Here is how day 1 ended up.
Cold shower – check
5,000+ walking steps – check (I actually did 16,002)
No sports – check
25 prospecting touches – I missed this by 2. I did 23. This was one I should have hit. No beating myself up…and I should have hit 25.
I had a GREAT day! I am super excited for this challenge.
Below are some additional thoughts I wrote down for day 1.
What is hard? Traveling from the East Coast to the West Coast in a covered wagon is hard. Driving to the gym in your air conditioned car wearing your Nikes and lifting a few weights that barely creates any resistance is easy.
Working an 8-12 hour day doing work like farming is hard. Reaching out to prospect 25 people on your smartphone by sending texts, social media direct messages and emails while sitting with your dog on your couch is easy.
Stop saying easy things are hard.
I took my first cold shower today. It was easy. I turned on the shower to cold and got it. Yes, it was uncomfortable but it wasn’t hard. It was easy. In order for me to do this for 92 days all I need to do is do the easy thing I did this morning (got in a cold shower) 91 more times.
The benefit of me doing these challenges it helps me prioritize faith, family, finances and fitness over sports, Netflix and TikTok.
Thank you for reading my blog. Comment below and say hi.


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