92-Day Blog Challenge Day 3

Sunday, October 3

Part of my 92-Day Challenge is to not watch sports or go to sports websites for the 92 days. Today was the first big sports day of the challenge. I am a big San Francisco Giants fan and a 49er and Raider fan. I think all those teams played today. On a typical Sunday I would watch 30 minutes to 5 hours of sports. I would go to espn.com probably 50x on a Sunday. Today I watched zero sports and didn’t go to espn.com once to check on scores. What was great about this is it freed up quite a bit of time for me and my mind wasn’t focused on sports. I don’t think I have ever gone on a sports diet like this before. Today it was great.

Here are some of the things I did today.

Went to church
Ran some errands for things we needed around the house
Bar B Que dinner for the family
Did a dog training session over Zoom with our trainer
Did my cold shower
Completed more than 5,000 walking steps
Recorded 19 short audio clips for a project I am working on

The things I did today were far more valuable that watching and obsessing over sports. If you watched a bunch of sports today I have zero judgment. I have watched enough sports in my life for 10 lifetimes. This is simply a personal choice for me.



  1. Eric, my hats off to you on this! I love sports so much that, especially this time of year, my Red Sox are in the playoffs, it's so difficult to not watch. I agree, I've probably watched enough sports for many lifetimes!!!


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