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92-Day Blog Challenge Day 12

Today is day 12 of my 92-day challenge. I am doing great on following through on what I have set out to follow through on. One of the things I am experiencing is the things I have written down as part of my challenge I am doing a great job of accomplishing. Because of this I have been looking for new things to add to my challenge. I got present to the fact that I have been on my phone while driving. So I added this to my challenge. No more being on the phone while driving. I also got present to the fact that I hadn’t been wearing my seatbelt so I added wearing my seat belt to my challenge. I also added no social media from Friday night until Monday morning. Here are some accountability updates. I have taken a cold shower every day I have done 25 or more prospecting touches 6 of the 8 business days I was supposed to. I have not watched any sports and I have stayed off of I have gotten up by 6 am 7 out of 8 days I have lifted weights every other day I am very, very happy w

92-Day Blog Challenge Day 6

Wednesday, October 6 I had a great day today. Because of this 92 day challenge and having clear, written goals for the quarter I wake up each morning focused and motivated. In 92 days each day is about 1% of the challenge. So every day counts. Here are some of the highlights today. My company is expanding with a division model. In addition to providing sales training to anyone in any industry we now offer training for sales managers, training for small business owners, training in health and training in family dynamics. Leslie Juencke runs my health division. Her division is really taking off! She had a great day today! Jermaine Jackson runs my family division. He also had a great day! The plan is to add a mortgage, real estate, insurance, auto, and solar/home improvement division. I will also add other divisions that make sense. This business model will allow us to grow by 10x. Here are some of the highlights of my day. These are all things that were done with intention Up

92-Day Blog Challenge Day 5

Tuesday, October 5 Here are some of the highlights of my day. These are all things that were done with intention Up at 6 am Cold shower I played at a 7+ on a scale of 1-10 in my effort. Good breakfast 60+ prospecting touches so far Team has had a great sales day Led the daily call – here is the call As a company we reached over 100 people today Eric

92-Day Blog Challenge Day 4

Monday, October 4 Today is the first Monday of the 4th quarter! I hit the ground running. Up at 6 am Cold shower Created a written plan Good breakfast Been productive all day 40 prospecting touches so far Team has had a great sales day Great work out at the gym No sports No internet chess No stocks Led the daily call – here is the call Led the Platinum Call Led the Gold call As a company we reached over 100 people today It is 5:21. Lots more to do today. Eric

92-Day Blog Challenge Day 3

Sunday, October 3 Part of my 92-Day Challenge is to not watch sports or go to sports websites for the 92 days. Today was the first big sports day of the challenge. I am a big San Francisco Giants fan and a 49er and Raider fan. I think all those teams played today. On a typical Sunday I would watch 30 minutes to 5 hours of sports. I would go to probably 50x on a Sunday. Today I watched zero sports and didn’t go to once to check on scores. What was great about this is it freed up quite a bit of time for me and my mind wasn’t focused on sports. I don’t think I have ever gone on a sports diet like this before. Today it was great. Here are some of the things I did today. Went to church Ran some errands for things we needed around the house Exercised Bar B Que dinner for the family Did a dog training session over Zoom with our trainer Did my cold shower Completed more than 5,000 walking steps Recorded 19 short audio clips for a project I am working on The things

92-Day Blog Challenge Day 2

Saturday, October 2 My hope is my blog and my 92-Day Challenge inspires you to work towards you becoming the best version of you! I had a GREAT day today. I woke up super motivated just like day 1. Having clearly defined goals for the quarter is really working out great. Also having the various challenges that I am doing for the quarter is also working out great. I did start my day with a cold shower again. Brrr. It was uncomfortable to take a cold shower but it is definitely do able. Here are a few highlights of today: Had a coaching call with my coach Dr. Donald Moine. Dr. Moine has been coaching me since the 1990’s. I am so fortunate to have a coach that knows me extremely well and is a brilliant coach. We had a great session! I then had a coaching call with one of my clients who is preparing to present to 75 investors. If his presentation goes great he will get several investors for his project. It is very fulfilling to help my clients make progress towards their dreams

92-Day Blog Challenge Day 1

Friday, October 1 Here we go! For the next 92 days I will go ALL IN on your goals and dreams. This is a form of self-hypnosis. I have mentally prepared myself to operate at a higher level of focus and discipline. I have decided the next 92 days will be GREAT! Part of my 92-day challenge in addition to blogging daily is to start the day off with a cold shower, walk 5,000+ steps, do 25 prospecting touches and not watch any sports or go to I also took my stock app off my phone. I am going to take a break from me investing time trading stocks. I told my wife she can oversee my stock accounts for now if she wants. (She is a better trader than I am anyway) Here is how day 1 ended up. Cold shower – check 5,000+ walking steps – check (I actually did 16,002) No sports – check 25 prospecting touches – I missed this by 2. I did 23. This was one I should have hit. No beating myself up…and I should have hit 25. I had a GREAT day! I am super excited for this challenge. Be