92-Day Blog Challenge Day 2

Saturday, October 2

My hope is my blog and my 92-Day Challenge inspires you to work towards you becoming the best version of you!
I had a GREAT day today. I woke up super motivated just like day 1. Having clearly defined goals for the quarter is really working out great. Also having the various challenges that I am doing for the quarter is also working out great.
I did start my day with a cold shower again. Brrr. It was uncomfortable to take a cold shower but it is definitely do able.
Here are a few highlights of today:
Had a coaching call with my coach Dr. Donald Moine. Dr. Moine has been coaching me since the 1990’s. I am so fortunate to have a coach that knows me extremely well and is a brilliant coach. We had a great session!
I then had a coaching call with one of my clients who is preparing to present to 75 investors. If his presentation goes great he will get several investors for his project. It is very fulfilling to help my clients make progress towards their dreams!
I then had a great work out at the gym. I am lifting weights with a higher level of intensity then I ever have before. My intention is to lift weights 3x or more per week.
I am also working on my walking steps. Today my walking steps goal was 5,000 steps. Today I did over 10,000 steps.
The highlight of my day was having a meal with my wife at Noshery 105 in Roseville. That is one of our favorite restaurants.
Another part of my 92-Day Challenge is no sports and no ESPN.com and I was successful with that today.
I will be continuing to blog about my 92-Day Challenge daily.


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