92-Day Blog Challenge Day 12

Today is day 12 of my 92-day challenge. I am doing great on following through on what I have set out to follow through on.

One of the things I am experiencing is the things I have written down as part of my challenge I am doing a great job of accomplishing. Because of this I have been looking for new things to add to my challenge.
I got present to the fact that I have been on my phone while driving. So I added this to my challenge. No more being on the phone while driving. I also got present to the fact that I hadn’t been wearing my seatbelt so I added wearing my seat belt to my challenge.
I also added no social media from Friday night until Monday morning.
Here are some accountability updates.
I have taken a cold shower every day
I have done 25 or more prospecting touches 6 of the 8 business days I was supposed to.
I have not watched any sports and I have stayed off of espn.com
I have gotten up by 6 am 7 out of 8 days
I have lifted weights every other day
I am very, very happy with my results.
One of the highlights of my 92 day challenge so far is I had dinner with my son and wife on Friday night. The Giants were playing the Dodgers. I was not on my phone following every pitch. I was present with my wife and son. We had a great time.
I was up this morning at 6 am. It is now 10:26 pm. Today was a very full day. Talk to you tomorrow.
You can read other blog posts from the 92 day challenge at https://ericlofholm.blogspot.com/


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