92-Day Blog Challenge Day 6

Wednesday, October 6

I had a great day today. Because of this 92 day challenge and having clear, written goals for the quarter I wake up each morning focused and motivated. In 92 days each day is about 1% of the challenge. So every day counts.
Here are some of the highlights today. My company is expanding with a division model. In addition to providing sales training to anyone in any industry we now offer training for sales managers, training for small business owners, training in health and training in family dynamics.
Leslie Juencke runs my health division. Her division is really taking off! She had a great day today!
Jermaine Jackson runs my family division. He also had a great day!
The plan is to add a mortgage, real estate, insurance, auto, and solar/home improvement division. I will also add other divisions that make sense. This business model will allow us to grow by 10x.
Here are some of the highlights of my day. These are all things that were done with intention
Up at 6 am
Cold shower
I played at a 7+ on a scale of 1-10 in my effort.
Good breakfast
42 prospecting touches so far
Team has had a great sales day
Led 5 group trainings
No sports
No internet chess
Led the daily call – here is the call https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMTq8oQQcxk
As a company we reached over 100 people today


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